Welcome to Sunset Laboratory Inc.

Sunset Laboratory Inc. is a pioneer in the field of organic carbon and elemental carbon (OC-EC) aerosol analysis and was founded in 1984 by Bob Cary. Click here to read more about Bob and our company.

Our instruments are used by federal and state government, academic researchers, and private sector industries including: aviation, mining, marine, astronomy, construction, and weather research. Our equipment is suitable for the laboratory or in the field, and ready for use with the NIOSH method 5040, IMPROVE and EUSAAR 2 protocols.

Along with the classic Sunset OC-EC instrumentation for discreet filter measurements Sunset Labs also provides a semi-continuous OC-EC analyzer for near real-time, in-situ measurement of carbon aerosol.

Read more about our Model-4 Semi-Continuous OC/EC Field Analyzer.
Read more about our Lab OCEC Aerosol Analyzer.

Our scientists provide expert analysis of OC-EC samples collected on quartz-fiber
or glass-fiber filters.

Our unrivaled customer support includes equipment installation, maintenance,
and quality assurance.

News & Events

January 1, 2014

Sunset Laboratory Inc. is proud to announce the opening of Sunset Lab BV, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.